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tailor your policy to include cover for everything you need!

here at albert & eddie, we aim to make it easy for you to find the right cover for your needs by matching you with policies to suit your chosen location, medical history and holiday type. for example, if you’re planning to take part in risky activities abroad such as mountain biking or skiing, we will most likely match you with specialist extreme sports cover, that way you can be sure to feel secure while embarking on your adrenaline filled adventure. it is our mission to provide you with the most appropriate cover possible, no matter what type of holiday you have planned. so, save yourself some time and let us put the right policy in your hands. we can also provide you with cover for the following.

Sports and Activities


cancellation cover is included as standard on all brands on albert & eddie and gives you an extra layer of protection with cover for cancellation costs for many different eventualities. cancellation cover also protects you in the event of you being unable to travel due to injury, illness, the loss of a loved one, or an emergency at home. regardless of your situation, we advise you to always thoroughly read through your policy documents so you know exactly what you are covered for as every insurance provider may differ slightly.


In the event of injury of a medical emergency, repatriation (being brought home) cover allows you to safely return to the UK without the worry of paying for an emergency flight. All of the products brought to you by Albert & Eddie include repatriation cover as standard, but as always, we advise that you carefully read through your policy documents to make sure you are covered...