where we started

started at the bottom now we’re here

where we started

we’re albert & eddie and we’re fairly new on the scene.

we say ‘fairly’ because while our revolutionary smart comparison tool launched in 2023, our team has actually been working in the insurance industry for well over 26 years. pretty long, right?

over the years, our team found that many customers choose their insurance policies based on the price of the product, rather than whether it offers suitable protection (hands up if you’ve ever been guilty of this!). but this approach to finding cover means that customers aren’t always aware of exactly what they’re covered for and, as a result, can sometimes find themselves a little disappointed if they later need to claim.

and so, albert & eddie was created with the aim to help match customers with the most suitable insurance products, based on their individual needs.

it’s simple really. the smart comparison tool asks you a few details about your circumstances and offers a suite of products that match these needs. this allows consumers to make a fully-informed decision on the most appropriate policy for them, based on the protection the policy offers. it also means that you have a better understanding of exactly what cover you’ve bought.

Sso basically, we were created to help get more people the protection they need, make sure less people are disappointed if they later need to submit a claim, oh, and help rebuild trust within the insurance industry along the way (promise we’re not all bad!).

and we’re only just getting started.