the best vision is insight

insurance that matches your ever-changing travel habits

as humans, we’re constantly evolving and developing. from fashion choices, hairstyles and even our taste in food, who we are and the way we live can quickly change. after all, did you ever imagine enjoying an olive when you were younger?

how your travel insurance premium is calculated

have you ever wondered how travel insurers work out how much your policy is going to cost? now, before your eyes glaze over, just think about what would happen if you were to break an arm while on holiday abroad.

medical screening

declaring a medical condition can feel like a tedious task when finding travel insurance cover. but making sure you have the right protection in place for any medical conditions is one of the most important things that you can do to make sure you’re fully protected when you go abroad.

pros & cons

it’s hard to get away from price comparison websites. whether it’s the irritating opera singer with the twirly moustache, ‘gio compario’, belting out the gocompare tune. or the latest instalment from sergei and the other meerkats on comparethemarket,